17 September 2017

Navaratri 2017 | Kalash Establishment Auspicious Muhurta 2017

Navaratri 2017 | Kalash Establishment Auspicious Muhurta 2017

 Jai Mata DiJai Shree Kalka Maa

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          Navaratri is a holy festival of Hindus.The worship of Navaratri goes on for 9 days and in these days, nine rupas of the mother are worshiped. Navratri comes twice each year, and the Gupta Navaratri also comes. The first Navaratri starts with the Shukla party of Chaitra month. And the next Navaratri is called Shardhi Navaratri, which starts from the antiquity of the Shukla Paksha of the Ashwin month and till the ninth date. After these Navratras, the Dussehra or the Vijaya Dashmi festival is celebrated. Whether this festival is a honey ornaments, the bride keeps all nine days of fast. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and glamor throughout Gujarat as well as in Gujarat and Bengal. In both the Navaratri, worship of Mother is done duly. The method of worshiping the goddess is almost the same in both Navaratri.          Before Hindu worship, Lord Ganesha is worshiped before Lord Ganesha before every pooja and hence Ganesh Maharaj is established in the form of Kalash before Navratri's auspicious worship. On the date of the beginning of Navaratri, on the date of reproduction, the calash or the decline is established. Kalash is considered as the form of Lord Ganesha. 

Let us tell you, 

      An auspicious time for establishing Shardhi Navaratri Kalash 

      Shardhi Navaratri is being launched from Thursday 21st September Thursday. And it will remain till September 29. On the first day of Navaratri i.e., 21st September, the worship of Shailpuri will be worshiped in the first form of Mother Durgaji. Amrit Yoga is the time from 6.00 to 3 minutes in the morning to 8.00 to 22 minutes. If at this time you establish a urn, it will be auspicious for you. Therefore, by the time of Amrit Yoga being exquisite, you can establish kalash from morning 6.00 to 8.00 to 22 minutes.

       Please pay attention to: -   1. The urn that is installed for the Goddess worship in Navaratri should be of gold, silver, copper, brass or soil. The use of iron or steel vase should not be used in worship.    2. Kalash establishment is done at any time in Navaratri. Good time starts from the beginning of Navaratri, so if a person does not establish a decline in auspicious time, then he can establish a urn at any time throughout the day.Hope you enjoy the information given by me, share this information with your friends as much as possible through this video and subscribe to our channelThanks!

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