16 December 2016

Individualities of a student with meaning in English

Individuality of a Student !

  Kaak chesta bako dhyaanam!

Kaak cheshta bako dhyaanam,

Swan Nindra tathaiwa cha;!

Alpahaari, grihatyaagi,

Vidhyaarthi paanch lakshnam !!

       Meaning :-

       Efforts should be similar to a crow, Focus on the work like a crane, take alert sleep similar to that of a dog,
     A student should have these characteristics besides he should eat a bit less and  as far as possible, stay away from the sweet home (may be stay in a hostel) !

  • Crow :-    Repetitive,  remember story of a crow trying to drink water from a pot, while placing pieces of stones to raise the water level.

  •   In addition, there is one more motivating poem:

Bachcho padhna hei Sukhdayee, 

Meelay is se tumko Badhaai, 

Pehle thoda Kashtt uthwo,

fir Baaki Deen Aanad uthawo !


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